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Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA)
APNA Endorsement

8 CPD Hours

To meet the NSQHS Accreditation Standard 3 (Infection Control-AS/NZS 4187); Standard 1-Training staff & Auditing and ISO90001: Staff Training

CSSD-Technician–Sterlisation – Skills-Assessment

Aivt’s assessors have a of minimum 10 years working experience in a large variety of Public and Private Clinics. Furthermore all assessors always have held a high standard in their skills and abilities, ensuring they update their knowledge regularly.

Aivt is providing:

  • CSSD Technician Skills Assessment based on your clinic / facility’s current policy and procedure requirements. In a normal situation it is conducted annually.
  • Hand Hygiene Training workshops are offered to all levels of clinical staff or any organisations who are looking to improve their infection control to meet accreditation compliance.

Who we assess:

  • Newly graduated CSSD student who want to be assessed in a real world environment
  • Nursing staff of all levels and categories who have been directly involved in CSSD processing
  • Returning to work CSSD Technician who want to refresh their skills
  • CSSD Technicians who are working in the public system or in a day surgery clinic wanting to meet the new NSW Health standards, namely the AS/NZS 4187 requirement; the CSSD Technician skills are to be assessed by 3rd party groups annually
  • Dental Assistance and Dental Hygienist

For Booking or Further Information

Are you interested in this course? For more information about the course or how to apply,

1 800 118 001

Email: info@aivt.edu.au
By Post: PO Box 587, Penrith, NSW 2751

  • The assessment can be conducting at your facility, or
  • At our Accredited Clinic locating in Emu Plains, NSW 2750
Note: If assessment is conducted in your facility, you must make sure there are real cases for the assessor to accurately evaluate your performance.
The CSSD Technician has to provide the following information to assessor one week before the assessment is conducted:
  • Describe to us the sterilisation equipment name, model and year made that you are using.
  • Scan copies of the currency of validation and calibration reports of your sterilisation equipment
  • List of instruments regularly reused.
  • Type of surgery services
  • Sterilisation Policy and Procedure
  • For Individual: Minimum One participant
  • For Group:
    • If assessment is in our Clinic, the minimum participants required is 2 and maximum is 4
    • If assessment is done in your facility, the minimum participants required is 4 in a day starting at 8:00 am
  • CSSD Packing, Wrapping & Labelling
  • Aseptic Technique Competence Assessment for Theatre Scrub Nurse
  • Cleaning of Reusable Medical Equipment Competency Assessment
  • Decontamination of Instruments and Equipment
  • Pre-vacuum Steam Sterliser
  • Indwelling Device Competency
  • Aseptic Technique Competence Assessment for Theatre Circulating Nurse
  • Aseptic Technique Competency Simple Dressing
  • Refresh your skills
  • To meet the NSQHS accreditation requirements on Standard 3 for infection control and part Standard 1 on training staff and auditing. As well as ISO90001
  • To meet the internal audit requirement
  • Lift the patients' care standards
  • Gain confidence in providing surgeons and nursing staff with well sterilised instruments to treat patients
  • Reduce infection rates
  • reward APNA Endorsement -8 CPD Hours

Note:The result from this assessment will not guaranteed that all sterilisations or similar activities completed by your clinic or facility will be infection free. This is the responsibility of the clinic staff alone.
The assessment can be at your facility or at our clinic. All fees quoted are available for Sydney Metropolitan areas only.

Extra fees will apply outside the Sydney Metropolitan areas.

  • *Individual:
    • 0 - 1 Participant $750
    • 2 - 4 Participants $650each
  • Group:
    • 0 - 4 Participants $2500
    • 5 and above Participants, Contact us

*Note: $600 each, if you are a new graduate or returning to work.

From our experience, the average assessment time per candidate is about 2 hours.

But in some cases the auditor may allow candidate who have special needs to have extra time.

If the result from the assessment is incompetence, the auditor will recommend the participant go on training.


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